Leverage our Fully Managed Services

We partner with leading companies to ideate, develop, and scale their businesses. We build a dedicated team for you according to your requirements and stay with you from start to finish.

Over 80 years

Leverage our technical experience and knowledge to bring your ideas to life. Focus on your vision while we take care of everything else.

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Ideate. Develop. Scale.

We’ve worked on projects of all sizes. From startups to large companies. Seeding an idea to taking over entire projects.

Fintech | Marketplaces | Social networks | Subscription services | Crypto | Media | Property | Saas

Fully Managed Services

The best way to work with Showwcase. We work with you as if we were part of your company.


Shared workspace for us to collaborate


1-2 workshops per week to get the entire team on the same page


Unlimited async ticket requests


Full service design, product, and development team at your service


Industry leading stack: Slack, Loom, Notion, Figma, Github

Project Timelines

Go-to-market MVP

3-4 months

Ideate, design, develop, and ship a new product MVP. Highly dependent on project size and scope. Get in touch to get a more accurate timeline.

Extension of your system

1-2 months

Already have an internal system and want to extend its functionality? We can get onboarded and start building it out, fast.

Infrastructure support and scaling

4-6 months

CI CD, monitoring, networking, logging, auth, baseline scaling, configuration management, auto-scaling.

Product rebuild and feature upgrades

9-12 months

Revamp your tech stack and enhance your feature set before you go-to market ready to scale.


Our technology expertise


Custom Development

  • Web development
  • Mobile development - iOS, Android
  • Prototyping
  • Wire-framing
  • Enterprise SaaS
  • Intelligence Software
  • Architecture & Design
  • Technology Migration
  • Digital Transformation
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Maintenance & Support
  • User Experience & Interface

System Integrations

  • Integration Design
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Technical Support
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • System upgrades
  • System maintenance
  • API Monitoring
  • API Management
  • Platform selection

Cloud Services

  • Cloud Strategy & Migration
  • Application Transformation
  • Microservices
  • Security and Governance
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Multi-cloud Adoption
  • Kubernetes & Containerisation
  • Release Management
  • Platform Management
  • Cost Optimisation
  • Application Scalability

A.I. Adoption

  • Automated Responses
  • Chatbots
  • OpenAI Integrations
  • Personalised Recommendations
  • Algorithm design
  • Lead qualification
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Warehousing
  • ML Pipeline Scheduling
  • Open Source AI
  • Workflow automation
  • Data Extraction & Synthesis

How to does a Fully Managed Service work?


Tell us your requirements

We understand your needs and draft a Product Requirements Document + Technical Design Document.


We assemble a team

We curate a team of product managers, designers, and software engineers dedicated to only your project.


We implement your product

We build your product while continuously having touch points with you and milestones to hit.


Product handover

Completion. We test, finalise, and launch your product with you into the market.

Showwcase is trusted by companies across industries

We, at Showwcase, bring a rich 25 years of experience to the table, marked by our successful creation of innovative products and services across a variety of industries. In the dynamic world of fintech, we've introduced groundbreaking solutions that redefine how we manage and conduct financial transactions. In the realm of education, we've created resources, making knowledge accessible and engaging for learners globally.

In the domain of e-commerce, we've optimized digital marketplaces and streamlined online shopping experiences. Furthermore, our expertise extends to the domain of social networks, where we've cultivated digital communities that foster meaningful connections. Our broad and adaptable experience positions us as a valuable asset for a wide range of projects and industries.














What our clients say about Showwcase

Other Services

Flexible Hiring

Leverage our Talent Cloud of more than 120,000 software engineers to hire local/remote pre-vetted talent that fit your requirements.

Pay a monthly subscription for each talent while we handle global hiring compliance, payments, and contracts.

Direct Hire

Let us find you a developer that is perfect for your team. Hire them directly into your company via a one-off payment.

Evaluate candidates directly on Showwcase with their developer profiles and reports.

Developer? Join the developer community

Create your front page, connect with developers, and find new opportunities.

Start Hiring with Showwcase

Showwcase is a professional network built for coders to connect, build community, and find new opportunities.

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