Fast-Track to Talent: How Showwcase Slashed GeneOnline's Hiring Time by 80%

From the Industry average of 66 days to 7 days.

5 June, 2023




Company Information

Location: Taiwan
Industry: Biotech Media
Use Case: Direct Buyout of a Mandarin speaking Full Stack Developer


✔️ Find a Mandarin-fluent Full Stack Engineer for BioNest development
✔️ Navigate the complex hiring process due to language requirements
✔️ Reduce the lengthy hiring cycle time​


✔️ Accessed Showwcase's extensive network, yielding a pool of over 5000 potential candidates in Mandarin-speaking countries.
✔️ Utilized Showwcase's pre-vetting process for targeted hiring​
✔️ Secured five pre-vetted, Mandarin-proficient, Full Stack Engineers within 7 days, cutting hiring cycle time by approximately 80%​
✔️ Streamlined hiring, focusing on cultural fit and teamwork during final interviews, bypassing extensive evaluation of technical skills​

GeneOnline is a biotech media platform that presents insights and news to a wide range of users and enterprises globally, emphasizing the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences sectors. It was brought to life in the United States on November 16, 2015, by founder Thomas Huang as a solution to the growing need for specialized information in the biotech field​.

The platform provides its coverage across various channels in both English and Chinese, catering to a broad audience base. Furthermore, GeneOnline has expanded its reach into the Asia-Pacific region, leveraging its robust network to aid biotech organizations in discovering new business opportunities. This is achieved by enhancing their global exposure through media and business partnering, thus fulfilling its mission to foster growth within the industry​.

The Challenge

GeneOnline faced a challenge in finding a proficient Full Stack Engineer who could contribute to the development of their curated biotech directory, BioNest. The ideal candidate needed to be fluent in Mandarin, adding an additional layer of complexity to the hiring process. They also lacked sufficient manpower to manage the hiring process, and faced the industry-wide problem of needing to filter through "fake resumes," as well as dealing with inaccurate vetting procedures.

The Showwcase Solution

In their pursuit of a Full Stack Engineer, the management at GeneOnline explored various talent acquisition platforms as they were unclear on which platform to use to find the best talent. Their search led them to Showwcase, a professional network built for developers. Subsequently, they submitted a requirement form.


How GeneOnline leveraged on Showwcase

To address the problem, Showwcase held an initial meeting with GeneOnline to gain a deeper understanding of their needs. Following the meeting, GeneOnline leveraged Showwcase's extensive network of developers and gained access to a pool over over 5000+ potential candidates in Mandarin-speaking countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China.

GeneOnline took advantage of Showwcase's pre-vetting process to ensure that candidates were capable of meeting their specific technical requirements. This strategy ensured a more targeted approach to hiring, focusing on applicants who could effectively execute the tasks necessary for GeneOnline's operations.


Within a span of 7 days, Showwcase delivered GeneOnline with five pre-vetted, Mandarin-proficient, elite Full Stack Engineers, significantly reducing GeneOnline's previous hiring cycle time, achieving approximately an 80% improvement in matching candidates.

The team at Showwcase helped us find a strong pool of candidates in engineering very quickly. Our hiring cycle shortened and was impressed with the candidates. Good experience."


GeneOnline was able to streamline their hiring process, shifting their focus directly onto final interviews with an emphasis on cultural fit and teamwork. This bypassed the need to extensively evaluate technical skills, as Showwcase's pre-vetting process had already ensured candidates' technical proficiency. As a result, Showwcase delivered suitable candidates within just 7 days, a significant improvement over GeneOnline's previous process, which typically took over a month to secure interviews.




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