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Flexible Hiring Service

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Flexible Hiring Service
Direct Hire
Fully Managed Service

Why choose Flexible Hiring?

  1. This is best for companies that don’t want the hassle of handling payroll, contracts, and compliance with the candidate.

  2. This is also a good way for you to try out the candidate before hiring them to join your company full-time under your own payroll. Think of it as an easy way to rent a developer and try them out before committing completely.

  3. If the candidate doesn’t work out, we will also replace the candidate for free with no additional cost to you so this is a risk-free way of getting started fast!

How it works?

  1. Speak with a Talent Expert. We'll dig into your requirements, hiring goals, company culture, and the skills you're looking for in potential candidates.

  2. Review a curated list. We’ll send you a list of recommended profiles from our Talent Experts within the week. For unique requirements, we'll calibrate and refine matching parameters using real-time feedback.

  3. Use Showwcase’s detailed technical reports and full profiles to review evidence of each developer's skill. Dive deep into our assessment write-ups to decide which developers are right for your final round. Example Resume and Developer Report

  4. Interview: Get to know your top choices. Understand how they tackle challenges and set expectations for working with your team.

  5. Hire: Sign a Flexible Hiring Agreement with us and start working! We take care of payments, compliance, and contracts with the developer. We’ll just send you a monthly invoice for the work done.

What to do next?

  1. Start by creating your company account on Showwcase here.

  2. Once your company has been approved, you can set up a call directly with a Talent Expert from your Dashboard.

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