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The network to connect, build community, get hired, and more. 

We are building the World's Most Optimised Network for Tech Workers to connect, build commnity, and find new opportunities. From software engineers and data scientists to blockchain developers and students - Showwcase helps you find community and accelerate your careers.


We’re working to build a network that is truly optimized for tech workers. We understand that it’s gonna be really hard, and the road is long. We’d love for you to help make this a reality, whether as a member, part of our team, or as an investor.

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We are very grateful to our early adopters, that have given us incredible feedback and been very patient with our product launches. 

We will be giving our first 1,000 members a free year of Showwcase PRO: Enhanced profile, power integrations, project optimisations, smart recommendations, premium content, and much more.

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