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From finding individual talent to accessing entire start-up teams


Direct Hire

We handle candidate sourcing, pre-vetting, and you make the hiring decision. This service streamlines the recruitment process, allowing you to hire someone directly into your team quickly.


Flexible Hiring

Engage with Elite technical talent on your terms. We handle payroll, compliance, and replacements. Hire as needed and cancel anytime based on your staffing requirements.


Fully Managed Service

Leverage our expertise and experience in delivering highly scalable products to millions of users globally. We manage and deliver your projects from start to finish, using proven processes.

how it works

A clear and straightforward path to meet your unique requirements



Schedule call

We’ll sit down over a call to understand your needs



Gather requirement

Share your vision, manpower situation and budget with us. Help us help you find the best solution.



Quotation approval

We provide a customized quotation for you. Ensure it fits within your budget and expectations before we proceed.



Initiate project

Whether you're building a team or delivering a product, we've got it covered. We'll ensure you get the experience you want.



Frequently Ask Questions

What is the difference between Direct Hire and Flexible Hiring?

In both the Direct Hire and Flexible Hiring service, we will send through a curated list of candidates that are pre-vetted qualified candidates based on your requirements. You make the final hiring decision before beginning to work with the candidate.

In Direct Hire, however, once you’ve made your decision on which candidate we are no longer involved in the ongoing relationship between you and the candidate. Whereas in Flexible Hiring we will handle payroll, compliance, contracts, and replacements as needed for you. This allows you the flexibility to hire and cancel as per your staffing needs.

How do you source candidates?

We use a combination of our internal network and our wider network of partners to find the right fit for you.

Are your services available globally?

Yes, our services are available to clients worldwide. We have a global network of talent across 150 countries and deep experience managing international compliance, payroll, and contracts.

Can we request specific qualifications or skills for candidates?

Absolutely. You can specify the qualifications, skills, and experience you are looking for, and we will tailor our search to match your criteria.

What happens if a hired candidate doesn't meet our expectations?

Under a Direct Hire model, we can offer replacements within a given time frame from when you’ve onboarded and hired a candidate. Please speak to our team to learn more about this. Under the Flexible Hiring Model, we can handle replacements promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

What does the Fully Managed Service entail?

Our Fully Managed Service involves managing and delivering your project from start to finish. From architecture and product design, to product management and software engineering, we leverage our expertise and experience in delivering highly scalable products to millions of users globally to build your product and achieve your goals. This is by far our most popular service.

What types of projects can you manage under a Fully Managed Service?

We’ve worked on social networks, fintech ecosystems, banking applications, marketplaces, credit systems, advertising platforms, cyber intelligence, and more. Jump on a call with us to learn more about our expertise.

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