Navigating the Hiring Maze: How Flexiroam Found their Ideal Senior Talent Through Showwcase

5 June, 2023




Company Information


Founded: 2011

Location: Australia

Industry: Telecommunications

Use Case: Elite Hiring


The Australian listed company (ALC) had a need for augmented talent, but was struggling to find the right candidates for the job. Their request was to have an experienced member join their existing team on a temporary project basis to improve their existing offerings, enhance user experience, and product focus of a legacy product they wanted to revamp. They turned to Showwcase, to source top talent from around the world.

In the end, the company was able to hire top talent from around the world, thanks to Showwcase's cutting-edge talent acquisition platform. With this new talent on board, the company was able to continue to grow and thrive in the highly competitive Australian business landscape.


✔️ Revamp existing mobile app and introduce loyalty programs and partners with the help of a Full Stack Developer

✔️ Hire a temporary contractor with 4 years or more experience for a 3-6 month project, rather than a full-time employee

✔️ Gain clarity on the appropriate budget for the temporary hire


✔️ Leveraged Showwcase's expertise, with an engineering lead helping to understand revamping exact requirements

✔️ Provided four candidates, each with different levels of experience (Junior, Mid-level, Senior, Principal) ranging from 4-16 years of experience

✔️ Delivered detailed skill reports for each of the four candidates within 7 days, enabling Flexiroam to make an informed selection

✔️ Offered a Flexible Hiring model, catering to Flexiroam's need for a temporary hiring structure, with candidates ready to immediately execute according to their needs.

Flexiroam is an Australian public listed telecommunications company that offers innovative data roaming solutions to users worldwide, emphasizing the need for affordable and convenient connectivity for international travelers. It was established in Malaysia, becoming operational as a solution to the growing demand for seamless and cost-effective global communication.

The company provides its services across diverse platforms, catering to a wide customer base. Furthermore, Flexiroam has expanded its reach globally, leveraging its strategic partnerships to aid travelers in accessing data roaming in over 150 countries. This is achieved by enhancing their connectivity through innovative products such as Flexiroam X, thus fulfilling its mission to eliminate boundaries in the telecommunication industry.

The Challenge

Flexiroam faced specific challenges as they embarked on revamping their existing mobile app and implementing new loyalty programs and partnerships. Their primary challenges included:

  1. Needing a skilled full-stack developer
    Flexiroam required a talented professional with expertise in full-stack development to handle the project. This role was critical for successfully executing the app revamp and incorporating the desired loyalty programs and partnerships.
  2. Uncertainty about the budget
    As Flexiroam sought a temporary contractor to complete the project within a 3-6 month timeframe, they had difficulty determining the appropriate budget for this specific hire. Unlike hiring a full-time employee, the temporary nature of the role required careful consideration to align the budget with the project's duration and requirements.

Additionally, Flexiroam faced constraints in terms of available manpower and lacked established vetting procedures to evaluate potential candidates effectively adding in to the complexity of the hiring process.

Flexiroam was struggling to find the right talent for their open positions by posting jobs to the usual job platforms. They were hesitant to pay recruitment fees, and vetting for an expertise they didn't have was difficult. The company needed a solution that would allow them to tap into a global talent pool and find the right candidates for their needs, without breaking the bank. That's where Showwcase came in. With thorough pre-vetting of talent before introduction and proprietary skill and knowledge reports for all candidates, Showwcase provided ALC with a comprehensive solution to their hiring challenges.

With Showwcase, Flexiroam was able to tap into a global talent pool and find an array of candidates for their open positions. Specifically, they engaged with Showwcase for a few main reasons:

  • Thorough pre-vetting of talent before introduction
  • Availability of flexible hiring with professional compliance globally given the nature of publicly listed company requirements
  • Proprietary skill and knowledge reports for all candidates
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Ability to source from a global pool and compare talent across geographic regions

The Showwcase Solution

Showwcase was able to provide Flexiroam with a comprehensive solution to their hiring challenges. Within just 7 days, they were able to source high-quality candidates from around the world, including junior, mid-level, senior, and principal skill levels. Showwcase was able to find candidates within ALC's budget who also had the necessary experience and skills to complete their needs. Through thorough pre-vetting of talent before introduction and proprietary skill and knowledge reports for all candidates, Showwcase was able to deliver an array of skills that met ALC's requirements.

The proprietary skill and knowledge reports provided by Showwcase were instrumental in helping Flexiroam make informed decisions about the candidates. With detailed information about each candidate's skills and experience, ALC was able to easily compare and contrast each candidate and make a shortlist for further consideration. By the time it came to do the final interview, ALC already had a good understanding of the capabilities of each candidate, making the selection process much more efficient.


Within just 7 days, Showwcase presented Flexiroam with a lineup of 4 candidates, each accompanied by a comprehensive skill report. This expedited timeline allowed Flexiroam to promptly assess the qualifications and suitability of each candidate, achieving approximately an 78% improvement in matching candidates.

“Thanks to the flexible hiring model we decided to move forward with Showwcase as our work only required a temporary hiring structure. Impressed by how responsive and quick to act they were. Our inputs were accounted for in their recommendations.” - Kee En, Chief Of Staff


By utilizing Showwcase's services, Flexiroam streamlined their hiring process, focusing directly on final interviews with an emphasis on cultural fit and teamwork. This eliminated the need for extensive evaluation of technical skills, as Showwcase's pre-vetting process ensured candidates' technical proficiency. Within just 7 days, Showwcase delivered a pool of highly suitable candidates to Flexiroam, surpassing their previous hiring timeline.




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