EcoWorld's Expedited Acquisition for a Top System Architect

5 June, 2023




Company Information


Location: Malaysia

Industry: Real Estate Development

Use Case: Hiring a Malaysian based Lead System Architect


✔️ Hire a Lead System Architect to consolidate customer and internal company data across multiple vendors

✔️ Streamline data ingestion for dashboard presentation

✔️ Overcome the lack of in-house expertise to search and vet the right talent


✔️ Leveraged the Showwcase network to find an experienced candidates in Malaysia with 8-15 years of data consolidation experience

✔️ Utilized Showwcase's reach to compare candidates across countries in Southeast Asia

✔️ Delivered two pre-vetted candidates within 10 days, utilizing Showwcase's internal process including 2 live interviews and 1 technical assessment

✔️ Eliminated the need for an external consultant to conduct technical interviews and vetting process for EcoWorld, saving time and resources

Eco World Development Group Berhad, commonly known as EcoWorld, is a public company based in Malaysia that is recognized as one of the nation's leading property developers. The company is committed to creating world-class property developments, particularly in three key economic regions within the country.

EcoWorld is renowned for its innovative and high-quality residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Its comprehensive portfolio serves a diverse range of customers, from local residents to multinational corporations. The company has managed to distinguish itself through its commitment to sustainability, unique design aesthetics, and a customer-centric approach.

The Challenge

EcoWorld faced difficulties in hiring a competent Lead System Architect who would be responsible for consolidating a vast array of data types. Finding an effective senior developer that can help business scale is harder to find than an average software developer and they did not have a streamlined and accurate vetting process to evaluate developer candidates.

The System Architect's role was to consolidate this data and simplify its ingestion for dashboard presentation, crucial for enhancing operations and decision-making. However, EcoWorld lacked the internal expertise for sourcing and vetting the right talent, compounded by the need for a candidate with skills in data management, system architecture, and business operations.

The Showwcase Solution

Faced with the challenge of hiring an experienced system architect, EcoWorld turned to Showwcase. Their traditional methods, including online job postings, were not yielding results. Leveraging Showwcase's extensive professional network, EcoWorld was able to access a pool of developers who were thoroughly vetted and fit their specific requirements. This included seeking out a Lead System Architect with 8-15 years of data consolidation experience. Showwcase's rigorous vetting procedures, which consisted of two live interviews and a technical assessment, ensured only the most qualified candidates made it through.

Showwcase promptly provided EcoWorld with two candidates, one with 15 years of experience and the other with 8 years of experience, within a short span of 10 days
EcoWorld capitalized on Showwcase's comprehensive network, accessing potential candidates across Southeast Asia.


With Showwcase's pre-vetting process assuring technical proficiency, EcoWorld concentrated on cultural fit during final interviews. Consequently, suitable candidates were secured within a 10-day turnaround, optimizing their hiring process.

"Showwcase helped with most of the heavy lifting of searching and vetting candidates for us. Were presented with 2 candidates in less than 2 weeks. I just told Rong what we needed over a 10min call."

EcoWorld successfully minimized their hiring time and accelerated their hiring cycle by leveraging Showwcase's network. The platform's pre-vetting process eliminated the need for EcoWorld to extensively evaluate the technical skills of candidates, allowing them to focus more on final interviews with an emphasis on cultural fit and teamwork. Additionally, Showwcase's service eliminated the need for EcoWorld to pay for an external consultant to carry out technical interviews and the vetting process




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