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What you need to know when proposing a community on Showwcase

11 November, 2021




Hello, Developers!
Creating a new community means growing and running that community directly on Showwcase. Here are a few things you should know.

Can I propose any community?

Yes, as long as the community doesn't yet exist, you can create it! You should check out the All Communities page to ensure that it doesn't already exist. We will remove duplicate communities because it makes people and knowledge on Showwcase hard to find.

Someone is name squatting on a community that I would like to create, what do I do?

If you believe someone is just squatting on a community name that is inactive, you should first reach out to them. You can do this via the native chat system on Showwcase.
Alternatively, you can also reach out to us at or tag us @ShowwcaseHQ on Showwcase and we can reach out to them for you.

What do you do to inactive communities?

We remove communities on Showwcase that have been inactive for more than 3 months. Running a community means putting in the effort to engage and keep it healthy.

How many members does my community need to be approved?

All communities are locked when proposed and require up to 10 members before they are approved. Once you've created a community, it's up to you to invite your friends and fellow developers to grow that community.

How long will it take for my community to be approved?

We review all newly proposed communities every week, so it shouldn't take longer than that. If it does, just tag us @ShowwcaseHQ on Showwcase.





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