Showwcase is where developers hang out and find new opportunities together as a community


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Showwcase is where developers hang out and find new opportunities together as a community.

It's a platform to connect, share knowledge, code, what you're working on, gain feedback, learn, ask questions and find new opportunities in the tech community.

It's been frustrating using networks where 'connections' are meaningless, content is focused on self-gratification, messages become spam, and community is built top-down, instead of bottom-up. It deteriorates the user experience, and not good for the value of your network.

But networks are great.

It lets you find people passionate about your space. Or stay informed about the latest in the industry. Even find new opportunities across the globe. That's what makes it valuable.

But things have changed, things have gotten worse. Profiles have become professional bots. Interactions are less genuine. Your feed is cluttered with things that are of no significance to you.

At Showwcase, our goal is to change this and we want to build it for us in the tech community - developers, engineers, makers, hackers, data scientists and designers—and more—who devote ourselves to pushing technology forward. We believe that over the next decade, people who can code will be the most important asset to every business, idea, and company. Yet, representation of who we are, what we've done, whom we did it with, is completely fragmented and nothing is built for our workflows.

So instead of a disparate collection of apps and experiences, we aim to build a fresh, beautifully designed platform, which when used by anyone that codes and understands developer workflows, feels it was purpose-built for us.

You decide how you want to participate in the network. You decide who is in your network. You decide what content you want to see. You decide what kind of messages get delivered to you. Your data is safe, secure, and you control your privacy at all times.

Showwcase is what we're building to bring this to the tech community. If you haven't already signed up, please do, we're excited to have you!

— Team Showwcase

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