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Shivam Katare

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Hey there, I'm Shivam 👋

I'm a self-taught Full Stack Web Developer from India with a passion for creating user-friendly applications and sharing knowledge through technical blogs.

I have been coding for over 4 years and have two years of professional experience as a frontend developer.

For the past 2 years, I have focused my skills on building responsive frontend interfaces using React and frameworks like Next.js. I love using modern technologies and APIs like Supabase, REST APIs, and GraphQL to fetch data and create innovative front-end solutions.

In addition to coding, I'm an avid open-source contributor and technical writer. I write blog posts on web development topics and contribute to open-source projects to grow my skills and help others.

Outside of coding, I enjoy working collaboratively in teams and sharing ideas that can improve projects. I believe in building web applications that efficiently and intuitively solve real-world problems.

As I progress as a developer, I'm always eager to learn new technologies, experiment with ideas, and share my knowledge with the community.

My goals are to:

💻 Build web applications that make a positive impact

🤝 Contribute to more open-source projects and communities

✍️ Improve my technical writing skills to educate others effectively

Check out more about me here: My Portfolio

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Open Source

Technical Writing



UI/UX Designer

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