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Danville, CA, USA
Joined Jul 2020
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Jon Rahoi


I'm passionate about solving interesting technical and business problems creatively, creating new technologies, and helping level up younger developers. I've a wide range of experience (I'm also a teacher of public speaking and of computer science, a writer, a professional emcee, and an amateur polyglot), from front-ends to back ends to data pipelines to ad systems, to mobile and database apps. I've built tiny games, corporate intranet tools, and worked on the most visited webpage on the Internet.

I've also built great teams, both domestically and internationally. Nothing feels better than a team running on all cylinders, and the opposite is also true. The building of the team is at least as complex as the technology problem.

My specialties are JavaScript, UX design, and large-scale system architecture. My jack-of-all-trades history gives me great tools to creatively solve problems, and also the wisdom to know when to not get creative.

Currently bringing financial progress to the masses at Credit Karma.