Forrest Knight

Forrest Knight

Just evolved into hobbyist coder, tracking my coding journey on YouTube for 6 years.


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Hey, I'm Forrest!👋 A software engineer turned content creator (I make YouTube videos about computer science & software engineering). I worked professionally as a software engineer using Java, TypeScript, Spring Boot, and Angular. If I had to say, that's definitely what I'm best at. But currently, I've been coding a web app using the MERN stack. Why the MERN stack instead of my go-to stack? I mean, why not? It's fun to learn new tech stacks from time to time lol. But my main profession right now is creating YouTube content to help up-and-coming software engineers & computer science students best navigate the crazy world that is software development. I do this by sharing my experiences & advice in hopes it can help someone out there learn & avoid the mistakes that I've made along the way.

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