Showwcase is a network built for coders to connect, find communities, and gain access to new opportunities.


San Francisco, USA




About Company

Showwcase is a professional network built for developers. We help developers represent themselves holistically, join a community of like-minded others, and find new work opportunities. We focus on 3 main pillars: (1) Developer Representation (2) Community (3) Job Marketplace Our key strategy is our focus on (1) and (2). We are unbundling LinkedIn. Generalised and large internet platforms can’t be everything to everyone. There is no community and features can never be built with focus around developers. We believe in community-based platforms and want to build for that. For (1), our goal is to be de-facto platform where developers showcase who they are holistically and where the world accesses them. Not LinkedIn, which fails to do this well. For (2), our focus on community gives developers the ability to share, learn, and grow alongside like-minded individuals - something they don't get on LinkedIn. This gives us the advantage to do (3) better than other job marketplaces that have low retention and engagement - they require a user to upload a resume and that's it. On Showwcase, we generalise your Resume 2.0, everything is done via your Showwcase profile.