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Bandung, Indonesia




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About Company

Founded in 2018, Bobobox is a new, young, sleek, nimble and smart accommodation solution for everyone. Bobobox becomes the alternative accommodation for millennial adventurers and smart travelers who crave for something new and refreshing. Combining the state-of-the-art technologies and the value of “zen” simplicity as well as environmental friendliness, Bobobox has transformed – from an affordable, simple pod accommodation to becoming the “talk of the town” and unique experience, altogether. Bobobox aims to define a new category in “on-demand sleep” that customers can book anytime, anywhere for as long as they need it via its app. To achieve that, Bobobox believes in the power of the people. Our team consists of great individuals, experts in their field. We thrive by embodying this following four BOBO (Best attitude, Obsessive curiosity, Bring results, and Open communication) Values. Bobobox invites you to be a part of a warm and supportive family as we grow bigger and stronger. Find out more about us through our channels: Website: Instagram: YouTube: