Ayush Soni

Ayush Soni

SWE @Go2work || Ex-DevRel @FifthTry || Ex-Product Engineer @Magic || Ex-SWE @Economize || Open Source Enthusiast || Full Stack Developer || MLSA


Joined Nov 2021


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Hey Folks👋

👨🏻‍💻This is Ayush Soni, a passionate full-stack developer and devrel engineer with a love for open-source and UI designing. I specialize in building robust and scalable SaaS products, microservices, and design systems. With a strong grasp of frontend and backend architecture, I create intuitive designs for engaging user experiences.

🚀I have extensive experience in Javascript and Typescript, using them professionally and for personal projects. I'm involved in hackathons, open-source contributions, and community building as both a participant and mentor. Additionally, I also lead community initiatives, offer software development sessions, and provide team leadership.

••• Hey, thanks for revisiting my bio! 👀 ••• It's great to see you here! ❤ ••• Let's connect and explore opportunities together! 🤝

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Software Engineering

Open Source

React Developer

Web Developer

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