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Ayush Thakur

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I'm Ayush Thakur, a B.tech graduated Software Engineer and a self-taught developer. Being into the field of Web Development from the past 2 years.

In my 1 year journey as a content creator, I created a community of 15k+ developers on Twitter with an impression mark of 20 million+. My content revolves around Frontend Development, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, Coding Tips, and much more.

In addition, I'm also working as a Freelance Technical Writer for LambdaTest Pvt Ltd (a cross browser testing cloud) and Zipy. I wrote several tech articles for them featuring on their website with a total impression.

I have worked as a Developer Advocate at Vanus (an Open Source Cloud platform) where my work involved communicating with users, creating blogs and video tutorials, organizing workshops, handling multiple social media communities, creating documentation.

Meeting new people, learning new things, engaging with communities and stuff like these is my comfort zone. I'm always in the search of something new, exciting, and challenging to get my hands dirty on it.

As being a lifetime learner, I'm always up to learning and experimenting with new kinds of stuff. And that's why, I love to take challenges also that push me out of my comfort zone and I end up learning a new thing.

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