Satyam Anand

Satyam Anand

Looking for a full-time opportunity as a Data Analyst/Scientist. Open to flexible and similar roles


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I'm an electronics engineering graduate on a self-learn journey and discovery of data science. I love to interpret data and bring about the simplest inferred explanation from it. I have moderate to expert skills in Data Analysis. Currently, I'm on track to upskill myself from a data analyst to a full stack data scientist.

Apart from data science, I'm also interested in learning skills from backend, devops and cybersecurity.

I'm also working as electronics engineer at Indian Amateur Rocket Association, where my team and I are striving towards the goal of achieving a rocket that can cross the karman line.

On a non-tech basis, I love to read books; genre doesn't matter, I'm also in the process of writing my first novel. I also love to learn and talk about history.

My speciality

Software Engineering

Looking for new opportunities

Open Source

Machine Learning Engineer

Data Science


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