How to split a string in JavaScript

JavaScript strings are one of the most used data types, and splitting a string is a frequently performed task. Let's learn about it.

19 April, 2022




JavaScript strings are sequences of characters enclosed in single('') or double quotes(""). We can create a string as a primitive using the string literal or as an object using the String() constructor.

String using a string literal,

String using the String() object,

JavaScript Split Method

The JavaScript string has access to a particular split() method that splits a string into multiple substrings based on a splitter. The split method returns an array with all the divided portions of the strings. The split method doesn't change the original string.

We split a string using the space(' ') as a splitter in the example below.

The output is an array with a bunch of strings after splitting.

The splitter(the argument to the split method) can be a single character or any other strings. If we want to split a string by each character, we can pass the empty string('') as the splitter.

The output,

If you invoke the split method without passing a splitter, it returns an array with the entire string.

The output,

Splitting With a Limit

The split() method takes another optional argument other than the splitter. You can also pass a limit to limit the number of splits. In the following example, we split the string using a space character with a limit of 2.

After splitting by the space character, it will return an array of strings, but the returned array will contain only the first two splits. Hence the output,

JavaScript String Splitting and Array Destructuring

Since ES6, we can pick the values from the array in a much more innovative way. As the split method returns an array, we can use the array destructuring syntax to get the element from the array.

That's all for now. I hope you find this article helpful.

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