Demystifying JavaScript Asynchronous Programming and Promises - A New Way to Learn

Name one of the complicated topics from JavaScript? There are 80% chances of getting "Promises" as the answer. Here is a series to demystify that with explanations, examples, and interview questions.

Series Content

JavaScript Promises and Asynchronous programming are NOT as complicated 🤯 as they sound. Let us dive in together to understand the concepts slowly but perfectly.

I am Tapas Adhikary, your teacher, to help you with JavaScript Asynchronous Programming and Promises. You will learn the following concepts from this series,

  • ✅ JavaScript Synchronous vs Asynchronous
  • ✅ What are Task Queues, Job Queues?
  • ✅ Understanding JavaScript Promises with real-life examples.
  • ✅ What is a Promise Chain?
  • ✅ How to handle errors with promises.
  • ✅ What are the promise APIs, and when to use them?
  • ✅ Common mistakes developer makes with promises.
  • ✅ The async/await keywords
  • ✅ A bunch of questions and quizzes to prepare you for your next job.

Up for it? Alright, let's get started. Feel free to connect with me,

Tapas Adhikary
Educator @tapaScript | Teaching JavaScript/React/FullStack | Writer | YouTuber | Founder





Date Published

18 Jul, 2022



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