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Get ready to bring your wildest ideas to life in the vibrant Showwcase ecosystem and compete for some seriously cool prizes!

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Hackathon duration:

24th April - 26th May

Demo Day:

16th June

Winner announcement:

19th June

4 weeks to build cool shit for developers. Are you in?

Have you ever had an idea you’re excited about, that you know developers would just die to use, build it and turn it into something useful for 100,000 other developers?

Well, let’s go. We’re flipping the switch and making our APIs public! That’s right. Developers like you can now dive into the Showwcase API playground and create awesome apps that will be used by over 100,000 developers on Showwcase!

Want to build a note taking app? AI profile image generators? Voice based Thread posting? You are only limited by your imagination. LFGGGG!!

We’re hosting an epic hackathon to bring out the best minds in the developer community and spur innovation for the future. And guess what? You’ll win prizes for your brilliant creations! 💰 So, get your coding hats on, join the fun, and let’s build the future together on the network built for developers! #BuiltOnShowwcase


How it works

#0: Register. Get your idea ready. Find your collaborators.

#1: Get access to our APIs and start building. Create the first version of your idea. Here's a link to our API docs.

Each week, we’ll have different mentors, office hours, and technical support sessions to help you expand on your creativity and push forward your ideas. These include:

  • Builder friends in our networks that have done it before

  • Like-minded people to collaborate with

  • Milestone based Article write ups so we #buildinpublic. You can even create a Series on Showwcase to track your updates

#2: Once your idea is ready, test it live in our network. That’s right, you’re testing this in production! Refine, iterate, and evaluate.

#3: After you’ve completed your build, write an Article about it using the Article type Hackathon. We’ve provided a template so it’s easy for you to get started and describe what you’ve built. Tag your Article with #Hackfest2023 and publish it into the network before 26th May at 11:59pm PT! Don’t forget to add your collaborators to your submission too. (Note: You can optionally write multiple Hackathon type articles throughout your hackathon journey. In that case, please create a series with all the articles included.)

#4: Share your product to social media with the hashtag #Hackfest2023, and tag us @ShowwcaseHQ so we can amplify your amazing work! Showwcase, Twitter, LinkedIn.

#5: Wait. We'll have a panel of judges that look at your build and decide if you’re invited to come present at DEMO DAY. Didn’t get invited? We'll get you some feedback and guess what? You’ve already built a super cool product.

#6: DEMO DAY. If invited, come present your build in front of the entire community on the 16th June 2023. It’s 6mins for you to do a live demo and talk about what you built and who you’ve built it with. It’s time to Showwcase! We’re going to invite some industry veterans in here so get ready to impress!

#7: 19th June is D-DAY. We’ll publicly announce the winners of Hackfest2023 to the whole world and distribute the rewards. Will you stand atop thousands?

Rewards & Prizes


$ 2,500 USD

Showwcase Hoodie

First Runner Up

$ 1,000 USD

Showwcase Hoodie

Second Runner Up

$ 500 USD

Showwcase Hoodie

Special Mentions x10

$ 100 USD

Showwcase Developer Tee

Consolation Prize x5

Showwcase Developer Tee

All participants

Badge of Honor

App Ideas Examples

These are just example apps that you can build, the apps you can build in this hackathon are not limited to only these ideas


Thread Bookmarker

Allow users to call your app/bot to quickly save an entire Thread to a remote server where they can visit it and access their saved bookmarks


Discord Bot

A Discord bot that listens for a Thread post, and sends the Thread’s link to your Discord channel


AI Chatbot

Integrate with ChatGPT or other A.I. providers to create a copilot that users can engage with


Browser extension to post from anywhere

A browser extension that lets you post to Showwcase from anywhere across the web. Found an interesting article? Something cool on Twitter? Sick personal portfolio? Write something and share the link right in


Profile Notifier Browser Extension

You can build a browser extension that can tell if a user on Twitter or LinkedIn already has a profile on Showwcase


Thread Scheduler

An app that lets you schedule and manage multiple Threads with an interactive dashboard. Maybe even post to multiple platforms

Judges Cheat Sheet

Projects will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Product Idea: How useful the idea/solution?
  • UX: How well did your app function, and how simple was it to use?
  • Article: How constructive, crisp, and informative the article is?

Tips & Tricks:

  • No idea is a bad idea. However, discussing it with a mentor can make it even more useful. Try it out.
  • Start early so you can use most of the time in Hackathon’s duration.
  • Socialize your thoughts. Discuss in our community and reach out early for help.
  • Make your article as informative as possible. We like stories that cover all aspects.
  • Hack when you are most productive, take breaks, avoid burnouts.

Get Help


Join our Hackathon community on Showwcase to find collaborators, discuss ideas, and ask questions


Join our Hackathon discord channel for any technical support


Read more details about Showwcase Hackfest 2023


Reach out to our developer advocates on Showwcase or Twitter



Can I work in teams?

Yes — But you and your teammate will decide how to split the prize — Two members max

Is writing an Article about the project mandatory?

Yes — If there’s you’re in a team, both of you must be collaborators on the Article

Do I get a certificate for participating?

Yes — Every participant gets a certificate for participating in the hackathon

Can I submit the code/project of someone else?

No — Your project should be authentic

Is Live presenting on demo day a must?

Yes — You must present live on demo day

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced one day after the Demo day

Do I have to tweet or make a LinkedIn post about my project?

Yes — This is a must

Where can I forward further questions to?

  • You can join this year’s Hackathon Community on Showwcase and post your questions
  • For any technical help, you can post this to discord

Start Building

Your future awaits you


Want to get in touch? Tag us @ShowwcaseHQ on Showwcase, or email team@showwcase.com

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