What is Showwcase?​

Showwcase is an all-in-one plataforma for tech workers to connect, build community, and get hired, in our cada vez más digital economy. 

Showwcase is headquartered in San Francisco, California, but trabajo with a distributed team all over the world - San Francisco, Singapore, India, and Estonia. We work in a collaborative and ambiente dinámico where we are constantemente pushing ourselves to redefine una red built around the workflows, content, and representation of tech workers. 

Product Designer

We're hiring a Lead Product Designer to help design the future of Showwcase. Designers at Showwcase work in close collaboration with all members of our team: marketing, product, and engineering. From brainstorming new features, prototyping delightful interfaces, to curating user interactions unique to tech workers.


The ideal designer is someone who thinks deeply, communicates clearly, works effectively in a collaborative environment, and loves to bring great products into the world. We want to build a platform optimised around the workflows, content, and representation of tech workers, ready for a digital-first future.

Building a platform optimized for the tech community is hard. Our customers understand how systems are built, they understand the look and feel of great software products, and do not waste time with subpar services.

There has never been a time in history where tech workers are so core to every business, idea, and company. You will be working on a product that will completely change how the world connects, accesses, and transacts with tech workers. This is a high-impact role that will challenge you to think from first principles and draw the future. 


Our team

We love exploring new ideas, uncovering secrets, and building great products to share with the world. We believe in the value of a strong and collaborative team, that together can do wonders. We are passionate about life and love having fun. 

Our culture 

  1. Be helpful
    Help each other

  2. Be an owner
    Own your work, be obsessed with the details. Think from first principles on how this benefits the company at large, not yourself.

  3. Teamwork = Trust + Communication 
    Trust means if your team puts trust in you to get it done, you will get it done. Communication means your team will need you, so you need to be available.

  4. Figure sh** out
    Don’t sell yourself short, work through it and find the answer, believe in you.

  5. Take bold bets, and fail
    We will be more successful in taking big swings and failing occasionally, than small incremental improvements.

  6. Stay hungry
    Keep Looking for the new, Never resist change, what worked yesterday is out of date today, and forgotten tomorrow.

  7. Be an adult
    We all have our responsibilities, see to them without the need for oversight, be an adult.

  8. Insist on the Highest Standards
    Quality work means doing it right when no one is looking.

  9. Innovate, create the future
    We are in the business of building out products and services that have never done before. Innovate, invent and simplify. As we do new things, we accept that we may be misunderstood for long periods.

  10. Speed changes everything
    Once we agree on an idea, we should get it done quickly and efficiently. Use the momentum and go forward.


About the role


  • Work alongside growth, product, and engineering to generate ideas and turn them into a seamless product experience.

  • Define features and contribute to the overall direction of the Showwcase vision.

  • Partner with engineering to deliver high-quality implementation and user experience.

  • Design flows, prototypes, sketches, and high-fidelity visuals for your features.

  • Improve your team’s work by asking for and offering feedback from other product designers and cross-functional teammates.

  • Research and identify gaps in current market solutions, innovate on them, and create experiences above existing expectations.

  • Reflect the Showwcase brand into our products whereby the product is a clear reflection of the brand. 


  • 4+ years of work experience with a focus on product design, visual and/or interaction design across a variety of platforms including web, and mobile.

  • A strong online design portfolio.

  • A great eye for detail, creative and innovative problem-solving.

  • Highly skilled in Adobe XD/Photoshop/Illustrator, Figma, Keynote and other design tools.

  • Able to communicate concepts and designs through sketches, wireframes, high fidelity comps, and prototypes.

  • Able to function independently and in a team environment with solid collaboration skills.

  • Enthusiasm for an iterative design process, inspired by group critique.

  • Deep understanding of how to create usable, accessible, and modular designs that can scale to millions of users.

  • A plus - Ability to prototype in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, AfterEffects, or other tools.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

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