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[Partner Company] Financial Institution - Senior Frontend (React Native) Developer







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React Native

React Native

Spring Boot

Spring Boot


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We're looking for Malaysian and Indonesian developers.

The job is on-site in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Visa and flight ticket also provided if you're willing to relocate!

As a senior software engineer (frontend), you will work closely with engineering teams and scrum team (squads). You will be working in agile environment where your technical know-how will be a key contributing factor toward overall team success.


  • Be part of agile development team to design, implementation and testing on new or existing system with agreed requirements and definition of done.
  • Ensure all code written pass all non-functional (code quality, security, performance) requirement and accompanied with unit testing and integration test.
  • Review code, technical documentation produces by other team members.
  • Work closely with product owner, quality assurance team and development team to deliver value early
  • Reduce waste and frictions during software development cycle by adopting DevSecOps practices. Keep track of deployment frequency, lead time for change, mean time to recovery and change failure rate.
  • Highlight and challenge any inefficiency with bias for action to come up with a proposal to make things better, together.


  • Minimum 5-6 years of software development experience (preferably) in Agile setting.
  • Experience with Cloud Native application, Twelve-factor methodology and developing application to run as Microservices.
  • No hard requirement of programming languages background as long you are comfortable with our tech stack which is around Java (Spring Boot) and modern Javascript framework (React, Angular).
  • Experience with App development (Android NDK, React Native or Flutter) is a must.
  • Preferably able to work in both Linux and Windows environment.
  • Experience in Scrum/Agile project management
  • Good written and spoken communication skills in English.
  • Strong analysis & problem solving skills
  • Ability to interact / work with operations / business users, project team and vendors, has good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Experience in agile maturity assessment, DevOps metrics (DORA), SRE is a plus.
  • Preferred Malaysian & Indonesian


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