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Showwcase is a professional network built for developers. We help developers represent themselves holistically, join a community of like-minded others, and find new work opportunities.

The world is in the midst of an accelerated transition towards a digital-first future where every company is becoming a tech company. The resulting outcome is that the demand for developers is now at its highest ever and the number of people learning programming skills is accelerating rapidly. In fact, Microsoft estimates the number of coders to be at 200 million by 2025 - 4X what it is today!

Generalised and large internet platforms can’t be everything to everyone. There is no community and features can never be built with focus around developers. We believe in community-based platforms and want to build for that.


We’re glad you have interest in joining our Elite Collective. The Elite Collective is a community comprised of senior and experienced developers. Being a member gives you access to our private communities, in-person events, and most importantly jobs and projects curated for Elite.

Showwcase works with many partner companies to help build their developer teams to work on projects. As an Elite, you’ll get access to these full-time job opportunities with better compensation and career growth. We do all the hard work of finding you opportunities so you can focus on what you do best, building products and services. If at any time your project nears completion or your role at a given company is no longer needed, we find you the opportunity within weeks!

How does it work

First, you’ll need to create a Showwcase profile. Once you’re set up, apply to one of our Elite roles according to your skill: React, Flutter, Go etc. We review and if you’re a good fit for Elite, we’ll invite you to come call with us, do a few skill assessments, and some live interviews. This should take a few hours at max! Once done and successful, you join our Elite collective and get all its benefits.

Why join Elite?

We believe the traditional way of looking for jobs is broken. Developers have to complete skill assessments over and over again for every company we apply to, we need to submit at least 5 links to represent who we are (LinkedIn, Resume, Github, Blog, Portfolio), and companies are terrible at responding to developers even after we’ve completed all the steps. Worse, most of the time the interview process has nothing to do with what we’ll actually be doing on the job! It’s incredibly frustrating. Oh, and doing sales and marketing of who we are to find the right company to hire us is not fun.

As an Elite Collective Member, we do all the heavy lifting for you. We find great opportunities, negotiate salary, and handle contracts with different leading companies and startups around the world and offer them to you to work on. These jobs are full-time roles and you’ll get to work with the modern processes with good pay.

The Job


  • Develop top grade trading iOS application connected to backend trading engine.
  • Implement mechanism to monitor iOS application performance and continuously improve existing implementation and user experience.
  • Gain first-hand knowledge of cutting-edge and class-leading technology for financial trading solutions.
  • Educational Background and Experience
  • Degree educated in an Engineering subject

Educational Background and Experience

  • Degree educated in an Engineering subject
  • 2+ years of mobile development experience
  • Proficiency in English is a must

Required Skills and experiences

  • Proficient in iOS application development
  • Strong UI programming skills with SwiftUI and UIKit
  • Knowledge of iOS application design principles and application interface
  • Understanding on mobile application architecture to deliver reusable codebase and scalable application
  • Having understanding/experience in hybrid mobile app is a plus
  • Highly skilled in developing responsive and interactive applications
  • Familiar with code versioning tools, eg. Git
  • Familiarity with push notifications, APIs and cloud messaging
  • Self-starter, good work ethics, being able to gain initiative, work independently and produce high quality solutions
  • Trading system UI development experience and knowledge of financial industry is desired